Resident Evil Revelations Dated

5 October, 2011 - 7:40 pm by

CAPCOM’s second Resident Evil title for the 3DS – Resident Evil Revelations is set to terrify and horrify the masses on 7th February next year. CAPCOM broke the news as well as the new box art for the game. The game, which is set between the 4th and 5th entries to the series will feature Jill Valentine as the lead character.

As well as Jill, we have Chris Redfield returning with two new characters to be thrown into the Resi mix. The game starts with Jill and Parker Luciani on a mission to find Chris, who was last seen boarding an abandoned cargo ship. In a true CAPCOM style, this isn’t just any old abandoned cargo ship and they must battle through hoards of new enemies to survive.

Chris on the other hand, is trekking through mountains with Jessica Sherawat to uncover information about a terrorist organisation. Resident Evil Revelations will have new enemies, new twists to the story and also for the first time, two view points. Either third or first person view points can be used to give the player the best way to play.

Resident Evil Revelations comes for the Nintendo 3DS on 7th February 2012.