Retailer GAME accidentally lets slip future release at EA meeting

12 January, 2012 - 4:59 pm by
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Retailer GAME has let slip the contents of a confidential EA meeting on Twitter. Mentions of a new Medal of Honor game and Need for Speed 13. And both for release this year.

“EA presentation was great,” GAME tweeted. “Had mentions of a new Medal of Honour [sic] and Need for Speed 13! EA have an exciting year ahead.” The tweet has now been removed. Official word back from EA is awaited.

Earlier in the day, GAME tweeted about its trip to see EA. “This morning we’re at an EA presentation, where we hope to see some pretty cool games! Don’t know what we can say yet but stay tuned!”

Neither of the games come as a surprise – they’re expected but unannounced.

Last year’s Need for Speed: The Run was made by EA Black Box. Given EA’s alternating Need for Speed development pattern – ensuring a game can be released each year – that means this year’s NFS should be made by acclaimed Hot Pursuit team Criterion.

The last we heard from Criterion was that the UK studio was hiring staff to make an open world racer – much like the team’s own Burnout Paradise was. Medal of Honor developer Danger Close already claimed to be working on MOH. EA even teased the project via a leaflet found within the box of Battlefield 3.

Medal of Honor 2 would be an ideal way for EA to plug the autumn war-shooter hole left by Battlefield 3.