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Rising Star Games Announced Q4 Lineup

28 July, 2011 - 8:26 pm by
About 4 mins to read

Today Rising Star Games announced their line-up for the next 6 months of the year! With a reputation for bringing random games from both the East and the West to UK gamers, their list of titles is packed full of titles that everyone has heard of and most will want.

Rising Star Games have advised that the following games will be available in the next few months:

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar – DS – September
Cradle of Rome 2 – DS – October
The King of Fighters XIII – Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 – October
DonDonPachi Resurrection – Xbox 360 – November

The exact wording from Rising Star Games is listed below:
Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar – Neverland/MMV
The mother of all farming games and top farming brand on the DS returns with all new features, pets and crops. Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar has all the classic gaming features of the series and great additions including windmills to let you combine ingredients to make goods to sell at the Bazaar, a new jump movement that enables players to jump up hills and over streams, the horse race festival returns and you can own multiple pets to help work your farm.  Players can use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to help their friends with farming, shop at their bazaar, or go fishing in their streams.

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is out on Nintendo DS in September 2011.

Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon – Marvelous Entertainment
Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon continues the proud tradition of its predecessors by offering a combination of Harvest Moon farming mechanics and RPG action, all wrapped in an engrossing storyline. Players can train monsters while farming, fishing and gathering, and friendly villagers will join them in battle. The new online multiplayer mode allows up to three players to combine forces, conquer dungeons, and compare their accomplishments.

Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon is out on Nintendo DS in September 2011.

Cradle of Rome 2 – Cerasus Media
Puzzle adventure title Cradle of Rome 2 follows in the footsteps of its best-selling predecessor by offering addictive gameplay for a casual audience, perfect for DS owners of all ages and lifestyles. Swap tiles to match three or more identical tiles to build beautiful houses and magnificent palaces as you develop your small settlement into a flourishing empire.

Cradle of Rome 2 is out on Nintendo DS in October 2011.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS is the flagship series of legendary fighting game publisher – developer SNK PLAYMORE. The series is a dream festival of SNK’s 2D fighting series, and a household name in the genre. THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII features fighters from the entire history of the series and concludes the Ash Saga storyline. Hugely improved features include global online play with optimised net code. There are now also over 30 characters to choose from, and fan favourite Mai returns. Vast improvements have been made to gameplay as well; with new NEO MAX super special moves, faster gameplay, and refined visuals & in-game camera (perspective).

THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII is out on Xbox 360 and PS3 in October 2011.

DoDonPachi Resurrection – CAVE
The fourth game in the DonPachi series, from legendary shoot-em-up creator CAVE. DoDonPachi Resurrection takes the DonPachi Corps back into the action. Players will have the task of fighting hundreds of enemies while dodging thousands of bullets in this renowned bullet hell title. Dash from enemy to enemy to string together long combos which send your score into the stratosphere! DoDonPachi Resurrection is converted directly from the Arcade version for the Xbox 360 in full HD resolution. The Xbox 360 release will be a deluxe edition featuring three different modes of gameplay and the game’s soundtrack. The Black Label arrange mode will be available to download as DLC on the day of release.  This is Rising Star Games’s second CAVE shoot-em-up of this year, following the hugely popular Deathsmiles.

DoDonPachi Resurrection is out on Xbox 360 in November 2011.