Skábma Snowfall Announced, Looking Towards Early 2022 Release

7 September, 2021 - 3:07 pm by
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Along with the big-budget shooters and swooping RPGs, we’re all suckers for cute and charming indie titles at VGamingNews. Skábma Snowfall from Red Stage Entertainment and PID Games certainly has oodles of charm and has been announced for a release on PC next year, and it’s one we’re keeping a close eye on.

Skábma Snowfall has you playing as a reindeer herder Áilu, a member of the indigenous Sámi tribe, who finds their homeland has become diseased. Áilu sets about using a mysterious shaman drum to look for a cure but is taken on a magical journey based upon real Sámi folklore.

Speaking of the choice of using the Sámi tribe, the games’ writer Eira-Teresá Joret Mariánná had this to say:

The world is full of diverse cultures and stories but only a small portion of them are shown in games. As storytellers by heart, we wanted to introduce players to a game world and characters inspired by indigenous Sámi stories and culture.

Eira-Teresá Joret Mariánná, Writer of Skábma

Gameplay wise, Skábma Snowfall is a 3D adventure game set in the Northern Scandinavian wilderness. Áilu must tackle environmental puzzles and combat the disease spreading across the land in order to uncover the long lost knowledge of Sámi healers, Noaidis.

Spreading light on indigenous populations that people may never heard, and telling their stories of is one of the reasons we love video games and we’re keeping an eye on how Skábma Snowfall develops in the next few months as it aims for a release on PC next year.