SquareEnix – Up 100% This Quarter

7 November, 2011 - 10:32 pm by
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Whilst many may argue that the Final Fantasy series has been on the decline in recent years, SquareEnix have managed to buck the trend financially this year, by not only making a profit, but by achieving 100% growth year on year in the past quarter. This is in line with SquareEnix doubling it’s profit forecast for this financial year.

Whilst the old addage goes, the “DS prints money”, it’s clear that Deux Ex: Human Evolution is a strong factor in Square’s continued profit growth, with over two millions units shipped and the smartphone/web-based/social network in growth, SquareEnix have pulled in 3.7 billion yen.

This links nicely with their revised annual forecast, of 5 billion yen, as the first three quarters of the financial year always being the strongest selling, with Christmas falling nicely into that timeframe.

So with the increase in money, we might see Final Fantasy VI on the PlayStation 3, or a FF game that at least meets the standards of modern JRPG gamers.