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Star Raiders Makes a Return on the Xbox 360

11 May, 2011 - 8:11 pm by
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Atari Europe today announced the release of Star Raiders on the Xbox 360 for the Xbox Live. The return of Star Raiders combines aerial assaults and dogfights with a new storyline and visual style that will allow gamers who remember the 1979 classic to feel absorbed but also as if they are playing a new game.

Originally introduced in 1979, Star Raiders blazed an all new trail, becoming the first ever first-person space combat title. The game inspired several generations of “space combat simulation” titles throughout the 80’s and 90’s. The exciting new take on this Atari treasure pays tribute to the original while ushering in an all new, captivating episodic experience. The game offers familiar battle elements including space warps and galactic tactical maps with all new features like radical battle transformations and customizable ships.

See the trailer here:

Star Raiders is available today on the Xbox 360 for 800 Microsoft Points.