Star Wars Kinect Release Date Revealed

7 February, 2012 - 4:21 pm by
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Kinect Star Wars has finally been given a released date of April 3rd across Europe.

The playable character in Star Wars Kinect is a Jedi and one of several new characters who will be introduced by the game. Using the controller-free Kinect system, the player stands in front of the television and uses hands to lift and throw objects with the Force or wield a lightsaber, uses body movement to drive to control X-wing Starfighters and Podracers, or uses a voice component to make additional commands.

It takes places during the prequel trilogy timeline of the Star Wars universe, beginning shortly after Star Wars Episode 1:The Phantom Menace and concludes during the events of Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. The game also includes settings from the original trilogy, such as the planet Bespin featured in Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back. The player will also fight Darth Vader in the game

Microsoft Studios had planned to develop a Star Wars game since early in the development of the Kinect system. Kudo Tsunoda, creative director for Kinect, said of this decision: “It’s one of those things where you can see how the unique parts of Kinect can bring to life the fantasy of being a Jedi in a way no other game console or media can do.”

Craig Derrick was LucasArts’ lead producer on Kinect Star Wars. The visuals of the animation were augmented in such a way to make the Jedi fighting techniques appear realistic because, Derrick said: “What we found early in development is that [no one wants] to look like a kid in front of [their] friends.” (PAH)

A limited edition console bundle will be launched alongside the game with the Xbox 360 set to be designed to look like R2-D2. The bundle will include the console with a 320GB HDD, a white Kinect sensor and the gold controller modelled after C-3PO. The bundle will be sold for £349.99 in the United Kingdom.