Tank! Tank! Tank! Announced

7 June, 2012 - 3:49 pm by

Tank! Tank! Tank! is an insane japanese blast-em up from Namco Bandai exclusively for the Wii U console and the action is as hectic as ever.

Players will find a fantastic armament of tanks and weapons at their disposal to dispatch the enemy threat, including mechanical insects, gigantic dragons and even other players. Team up with three other friends to battle with or against each other in fully destructible environments in a variety of action-packed story and multiplayer modes where weapons are never in short supply and threats are hiding behind every corner.

From the trailer, you can also see that pictures of your friends comes up to locate their tank. This appears to be a video stream from the Wii U Gamepad’s camera so you can see how well people reacted to being destroyed by your tank!

Tank! Tank! Tank! will be available for the Wii U as a launch game this year.