The Last Of Us walkthrough trailer and screenshots

7 June, 2012 - 3:33 pm by

An expansive trailer has been announced to show off Naughty Dog’s latest post apocalyptic game – The Last Of Us. The trailer shows a deserted city for reasons we are yet to find out and our protagonist Joel and young girl Ellie searching through a hotel

As Naughty Dog’s last effort – Uncharted, action is cinematic but health will have to be found. Ellie will be controlled by AI as players take control of Joel. In the trailer we see humans attacking Joel and Ellie for reasons we are yet to find out. Also, as the trailer progresses it raises the question “Is Joel actually the good guy?”

The game uses clever AI that know when you have run out of ammo and also allows you to create items such as Molotov Cocktails. Ellie appears to help out when Joel is in need, distracting an enemy with a brick to the face in one scene.

The Last of Us is due to hit PlayStation 3 consoles next year.