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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

4 April, 2012 - 6:50 pm by
About 1 mins to read

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a music slash rhythm game featuring the best pieces of music from the 25 year old series. Exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, players can choose one of four characters from the series as they tap and slide along to the music of the game.

There are three modes to the game: Field, Battle and Event. The idea is to tap the stylus or slide it in a particular direction, guitar hero style. For those who want to just listen to the music, Square Enix have included a range of difficulty modes, so while listening exclusively to the music is out of the question, they have made it as easy as possible to do.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a tribute to the 25 years of the not so Final Fantasy series and will be available on the Nintendo 3DS in 2012.