Who needs a tour guide when you have a 3DS!

16 December, 2011 - 8:36 pm by
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One of the most popular art galleries in the world, The Louvre in Paris, is to replace its audio guides with 5,000 3DS consoles.

The Nintendo handhelds will come with custom software allowing visitors to locate themselves within the maze that is the gallery. The commentary can be read in no fewer than seven languages too. Nintendo have designed the software themselves, however, the Louvre kept total editorial control of the system – unfortunately Link won’t be giving up his green hat in favour of a beret or sword for a baguette anytime soon.

Louvre officials hope that the 3DS guides will enable families to get in touch with their artistic, museum-loving side and attract more viewers. The top display will also allow for 3D content to be displayed without 3D glasses.