Wipeout interview with Sony Europe Blog

8 November, 2011 - 10:12 pm by
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The PlayStation Europe blog have managed to secure an exclusive interview with the assistant producer of Wipeout, which is a game that is not only known for it’s insane speed, but also it’s love of the PlayStation system. The Wipeout franchise has appeared on every PlayStation platform ever and it’s now jumping onto the PS Vita with Wipeout 2048.

Michael Pulst, the Assistant Producer for Wipeout 2048 gave a long and detailed interview to PlayStation; however, it’s the PS Vita’s hardware that Wipeout is making the most use of. Pulst confirmed that the game will not only make use of the games camera, but also the motion controls and the touchscreen.

PSB: Wipeout 2048 uses almost all of PS Vita’s hardware functions. Tell us how 2048 taps into PS Vita’s hardware.

MP: For starters, we support the motion controls — you can tilt to the left or right to steer. I like steering this way at times, particularly in the cockpit camera view. The thing with motion controls is that they’re extremely accurate, which can be a double-edged sword at times. But I guarantee that by the time you take the third lap in the game, it’ll click.

We also support the rear touchscreen for acceleration, while the front touchscreen is used for firing and regaining ship energy. What’s great is that we support hybrid control schemes, so if you’d rather use the X button for acceleration, you can. You can use any combination of tilting, buttons, and touch to control the game. We don’t force you into one specific control scheme.

PSB: And how does PS Vita’s camera tie into the multiplayer mode?

MP: We support up to eight players online. When you begin the race on PS Vita, the game takes a photo of your face. At the end of the race, your face gets beamed to all the other players — kind of a glory moment

You can read more at the PlayStation Europe Blog.