Worms Crazy Golf

15 August, 2011 - 5:10 pm by

Team 17, the cheeky folks behind the popular Worms series have announced the next game to be released will be Worms Crazy Golf. The game will be available on the PlayStation Network on the PS3 and the App store for iOS systems. In an unlikely combination, Team 17 have taken the Worms turn based gameplay and made a even more insane version of crazy golf.

There are 18 holes in each of the 3 courses and the aim is to hit little balls into holes. However that’s as far as Worms Crazy Golf goes in the golfing sense. Skill is required to hit the ball through obstacles such as cannons, sheep and the odd granny here and there will ensure that this is the craziest golf game on the market!

Multiplayer modes up to four people will have the classic Worms vibe with time limits to make the shot, random abuse and general hilarity that one expects from a Worms game. Worms: Crazy Golf launches on the PSN and iOS later in the year.