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Fans maybe unhappy with the new look of arguably one of the coolest looking video game characters of the last 10 or so years, but with a recent hands-on of DmC, VGamingNews isn’t writing off Capcom and Dante just yet. After all, you don’t judge a book by its cover, so why should you judge a game on what the main character looks like?

Capcom and Ninja Theory have set out to reboot Devil May Cry after the not so hot 4th instalment. As mentioned they haven’t exactly won the crowds over with this new look, however when sitting down to actually play the game, it instantly makes you aware that this is a return to form for the series.
We start the demo with the set up, however with this being at an expo we could not hear a thing that was being said so, we put together what we know about the game so far – Dante is stuck in a town called Limbo and a demonic entity is trying to kill him. It is up to the player to get him out. As well as the numerous and somewhat difficult enemies being thrown at our half demon hero, the environment is also constantly shifting and changing to try and crush Dante.

This provides a sense of urgency about the game, which does keep interest in playing the demo until the end. The game does also teach you the controls to move Dante around and execute his moves. As normal, we have the sword for close up attacks and Ebony and Ivory are on hand to deal with long-range bad guys. The grading system that has been a staple for Devil May Cry since day one is also included but this time it is hard to get that ever-illusive S rank.

However, as all sounds similar this is where DmC differs. Dante also has the ability to use Angel and Demon powers by holding down either the L2 or the R2 buttons respectively. This gives Dante powers to either pull his enemies closer or bring him to them. These powers, not only more powerful but help keep those combos going for longer. They can also be used outside of battle to reach higher areas or activate doors.

The transitions from Angel to Demon to Normal modes are seamless and when practised will be vital for survival of this game. The overall control system for the game feels pretty natural and easy to pick up, which for this type of game is necessary if DmC is to succeed. The demo didn’t give much of the story away so it is unclear where Dante’s twin brother Vergil or Mundus comes into the game but we will find this out when the game is released in January.

DmC’s feel of the game is similar to the experiences of the second Devil May Cry with big sprawling cities and an open feel with yet a somewhat linear path. But this was a demonstration of one level in the game, this could change when the game releases. It would have been nice to hear more of the game’s soundtrack as the talent working on the score fit in with the fast paced and frantic music that have accompanied previous titles.

What Capcom and Ninja Theory presented to gamers will, for now, settle worries of the sceptics who think a reboot of the franchise is not needed. Obviously the full game needs to be played before fans will be won over but this is a damn good start. DmC will be available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from 15th January. Oh and for those still not confidant in DmC’s new looks, or prefer Dante as he was here is a tip: press L3 and R3 simultaneously and thank me later.