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Three New Games Announced by EA and Hasbro

31 May, 2011 by

Electronic Arts and Hasbro today announced that they will be releasing three new board games becoming videogames this autumn. The three value games take two classic board games that many of us grew up with and one newish videogame that merges together a lot of the kids board games.

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UK Top 20 Charts

31 May, 2011 by

Tuesday is this week’s Monday – it’s confusing all of us here at VGamingNews as we sat in front of our office computers hoping for the day to end, and fast. Yet, just because Monday is over doesn’t mean that the weekly videogame charts didn’t turn up – they did. This week there’s a lot to look at and predictably a certain game is still on top, with the other trailing well behind.

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Tea Parties at Download – Only with Alice

30 May, 2011 by

American McGee’s Alice was a cult classic on the PC back 10 odd years ago and with the sequel, which will be on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 just around the corner – Alice: Madness Returns, Electronic Arts are going all out in true Alice style and throwing a tea party at Download Festival this year.

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New Battlefield 3 Artwork

19 May, 2011 by

Electronic Arts today released some new artwork for their up and coming title, Battlefield 3. The up and coming game is due to be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360; however, there is currently no firm release date. The artwork released is the PC boxart and a screenshot of what looks like a disused airstrip.

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Gatling Gears Out on the Xbox Live Today

11 May, 2011 by

Vanguard Games and Electronic Arts have today announced that the high-intensity, twin stick shooter: Gatling Gears is now available on the Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points and will also get a release on the PlayStation Network, when it’s back up and running. The game centres on Max Brawley, who suits up in his Gatling Gear mech to embark on an epic mission through 30 areas to save the planet and defeat the Empire.

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FIFA 12 Announced 3DS

10 May, 2011 by

Electronic Arts today announced that for the first time in history that the mega franchise, FIFA, will be available in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS. With over 500 officially licensed clubs, new touch screen controls and the first ever 3D Street Football. Not forgetting 8 different modes of play. Not forgetting the ability to play as stars of the football world, such as Kaká and Wayne Rooney making FIFA 12 is the largest handheld game developed by EA Sports.

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The Fancy Pants Adventures Available Tomorrow

20 April, 2011 by

Electronic Arts today announced that Fancy Pants Adventures will be available on the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live Arcade on the 21 April 2011. Fancy Pants was originally a flash game that has now been played over 100 million times is a sidescrolling game with a distinctive hand drawn feel.

With all new levels and never seen before modes of play, the console version of the game is very different to that available online. Read On

Battlefield 3 12 Gameplay Trailer

19 April, 2011 by

Electronic Arts have recently been announcing things left, right and centre. It’s to be expected from a very large games studio, a press release a day keeps the doctor at bay as they say. However, today EA announced something a little more interesting than the average press release – they’ve released a huge gameplay trailer for the up and coming title: Battlefield 3. Read On

Mass Effect 2 to be Turned into Feature Anime Film

7 April, 2011 by

BioWare, Electronic Arts and FUNimation have today announced that there will be an anime feature film of the much loved Mass Effect 2 in North America.

FUNimation are an anime titan in the USA, with the vast majority of all anime released in the UK at one point passing through FUNimation USA. Additionally, FUNimation are one of the few studios left in the US, aside from Disney, that actively dub over anime on a regular basis, so they are the perfect choice to link with to get an anime feature film moving.

Traditionally speaking, anime has to be created in Japan to be classified as anime and many fans will still state this to be true. However, FUNimation have signed a deal with T.O. Entertainment Inc in Tokyo who will co-produce the film.

Executives at FUNimation are stating that the production for the film has already begun and the release is schedule for Summer 2012 in the USA. This means that we’re likely to see the film, if a joint distribution deal is not worked out, roughly the end of 2012 or the first quarter of 2013 in the UK if usual anime trends are followed.

It’s highly likely that the deal will be done with Manga Entertainment, the UK’s biggest anime distributor as they currently hold the primary deal for UK distribution with FUNimation in the UK. Currently, there is no word from any UK anime distributor regarding Mass Effect 2 The Movie.

Madden Creator to Sue EA

4 April, 2011 by

For many the name Robin Antonick means very little; however, if he is successful his name will forever be associated with Electronic Arts, Madden and the person who brought a multi-billion dollar company to court and won.

Antonick filed for a law suit in California on Wednesday demanding that Electronic Arts be trialled by jury under claims that he has been cut from the Madden franchise fortune. The claimant is suing on the grounds of a breach of contract that he allegedly signed in 1986.

Atonick claims that the contract states that he should be entitled to some of the royalties generated on derivative versions of the “Madden” games. The 1988 Madden title on the Commodore 64, DOS and Apple II formats is credited to him and although he accepts that there has been a large change in the technical elements of the title, he claims to be owed royalties dating back to 1992.

“Only recently, as a result of publicity surrounding the 20th Anniversary of the ‘Madden’ videogame did Antonick become aware that Electronic Arts did not independently develop subsequent versions of its Madden NFL software,” says the complaint. “Instead, according to recent statements by Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins, the current generation of software apparently derived from software developed by Antonick.”

Antonick is seeking tens of millions of owed royalties, plus a portion of all profits from sales due to the allegedly fraudulent behaviour. Over the years the franchise has reaped more than $4 billion.

Source: Reuters