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Resistance 3 Release Date Confirmed

27 May, 2011 by

Sequel to the highly popular alien infested Resistance 2 will launch on  9th September this year Sony have revealed today. The game will be launched with two special editions and pre-order bonuses as seems to be the norm with major game launches. Bonuses will be character skins, in-game weapons, a Chimera tooth necklace and a multiplayer booster that lets them start at level 5.

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DEUS EX: Human Revolution Challenge

17 May, 2011 by

Deus Ex creators Eidos interactive and Square Enix have challenged fans to get as many likes on the game’s Facebook page. As an incentive there will be a host of behind-the-scenes footage, artwork and other assets to be posted as the release date draws ever closer. There are  90 pieces of goodies to be posted between now and when the game is launched on 26th August.

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