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Emily the Strange “Strangerous” Release Date Announced

27 May, 2011 by

PQube today announced that a new puzzle game will be released on the Nintendo DS on the 10th June – Emily the Strange “Strangerous”, which features over 60 puzzles and ranges 6 chapters. With more than 50 hours of puzzles and riddles to navigate through and caters heavily to the female audience.

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Calculator Released on the Nintendo DS

27 May, 2011 by

Cinemax today announced that they will be releasing a new piece of software for the Nintendo DSiWare, “Calculator”. Calculator is available on the DSi for 200 DSi Points and will handle every type of calculation you can throw at it, including measurement units and constants of most types which ordinary people use every day, including length, weight, temperature, speed, volume, area, and time.

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Diamond Trust of London Announced

23 May, 2011 by

Zoo Entertainment today announced that it’s teamed up with the videogame developer Jason Roher to release Diamond Trust of London for the Nintendo DS. Diamond Trust of London takes place in a diamond mining company in Angola, prior to the restrictions put in place by the United Nation in regards to the sale of blood diamonds. To maintain the country’s hold on the diamond mines you must bribe, cut deals and spy on pretty much everyone.

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Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar Confirmed for the UK

12 May, 2011 by

Rising Star Games today announced that the latest Harvest Moon game will be gracing British Nintendo DS’s this year. Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar features a improved social and farming mechanics and continues in Zephyr Town where there was once a world famous bazaar. In recent years the bazaar has fallen into disrepair and only gathers a few visitors, this is until you move in.

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Bermuda Triangle Heading to DS

11 May, 2011 by

One of the most mysterious and deathly parts of the world is soon to be available on the Nintendo DS. Funbox Media today confirmed that Bermuda Triangle will be available this month! The aim of the game is to restore the endangered coral reefs by ensuring that a number of pods are carefully placed in strategic positions on the ocean floor.

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Plants vs Zombie DS Release Screenshots and Artwork

27 April, 2011 by

Mastersonic Group today released some more screenshots of their up and coming, Plants vs Zombies DS title, which is due out on the 6th May on the Nintendo DS. In Plants vs. Zombies a mob of brain-hungry zombies is unleashed on your home and your only defence is an arsenal of zombie-zapping plants. Use peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to destroy zombies before they reach your front door. Read On

Sony Unveils TWO PlayStation Tablets

26 April, 2011 by

Sony have today unveiled not one but TWO tablets to rival the iPad. They will both have the PlayStation name and run the Android operating system much like the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play phone. The first tablet – the Sony S1 will have a 9.4 inch touchscreen and will be the original tablet format.

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Hollywood Files Deadly Intrigues Announced for the DS

26 April, 2011 by

Easy Interactive today announced that their latest videogame will hit the Nintendo DS on the 1st June 2011. Hollywood Files Deadly Intrigues is a DS game that’s full of mini-games with a storyline and a hidden objective. This detective game follows the protagonist, Zoey, a private investigator and the owner of a healthy detective agency in Hollywood. A famous actor, Pete, dies in a freak car accident and it’s our very own Zoey’s job to check if there are any mysteries behind this man’s death. Read On

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer

21 April, 2011 by

EA and Warner Bros have today announced the final installment of the Harry Potter movie spin offs, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 The Videogame. The game will feature the most epic battle between Harry Potter and He Who Shall Not Be Named. Read On

Jewel Time Deluxe Announced for the DS

20 April, 2011 by

O Games today announced that they will be releasing Jewel Time Deluxe for the Nintendo DS this summer. Jewel Time Deluxe is a jewel game that’s full of gem swapping, with various modes of play that will keep gamers as entertained as possible. There’s Isolation and Gravity Twist modes, play through the free play mode or against the clock and with an unlimited number of levels and various difficulty settings O Games are setting this up to be a game for all.
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