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Three New Games Announced by EA and Hasbro

31 May, 2011 by

Electronic Arts and Hasbro today announced that they will be releasing three new board games becoming videogames this autumn. The three value games take two classic board games that many of us grew up with and one newish videogame that merges together a lot of the kids board games.

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Pro Evo Soccer 2012 Announced

30 May, 2011 by

Konami have today announced the next game in the popular PES series. The game is due out in the Autumn on all the home consoles, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. A PSP and oddly enough a PlayStation 2 version will be available as well. Konami have been working closely with fans of the series to provide the most real and entertaining entry in the series to date. Read On

Wii to Retail for Under £100

7 May, 2011 by

The videogame industry website, MCV UK have been talking to high street insiders about the Wii – with Nintendo announcing a price cut on the Wii just a few days ago there’s plenty of room to debate the new pricing structure for the best selling console.

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We Dance Tracklist Announced

19 April, 2011 by

Nordic Games Publishing, today announced their full tracklist for the up and coming game WiiWe Dance, which will be available on the Nintendo Wii and is a dance game that keeps everyone moving around their living room. With support for up to four players dancing at the same time, it’s sure to be a party game success. Read On

UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System Announced

7 April, 2011 by

It has today been announced that the UCF gaming franchise is going to break away from their traditional games and move into the home health market. Well, almost. UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System has been confirmed for the Xbox 360 Kinect, PlayStation 3’s PlayStation Move and the Nintendo Wii.

With fitness regime’s designed and performed by the UFC stars and with content that’s exclusive to the Kinect only, with voice command navigation, fully body tacking and immediate feedback on posture. With additional development for the PlayStation Move and Nintendo Wii.

The fitness regime’s are developed from leading MMA experts, Mark DellaGrotte, Greg Jackson and Javier Mendez and players will lean over 70 approved exercises. Including moves from disciplines such as wrestling, kickboxing and many more, which are all designed to improve strength, endurance and conditions through use of a variety of routines.

Currently the game is penned for a June 2011 release across all three platforms.

Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension

5 April, 2011 by

Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension is currently in development for the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and PlayStation 3 Disney have announced. Favourite characters such as, Phineas, Ferb, Agent P and a whole lot more appear as they set off on a quest to defeat Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

The PlayStation3 and Wii versions will travel through 25 levels using a range of weapons and items such as Ninja Gloves allowing Phineas or Ferb to stick to walls or firing orange soda to melt enemies. As you progress you can unlock additional playable characters. The PlayStation 3 features PlayStation Move compatible gameplay.

In the DS version, you can only play as Phineas, Ferb or Agent P. On the flip side there are 30 levels, five more than on the home consoles.

The Wii and PS3 games feature all the voices from the Disney cartoon and will be released from Summer 2011.

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Screens & Information

5 April, 2011 by

New screenshots and information have come from the up and coming movie tie of The Green Lantern entitled The Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters. The game will be out on the PlayStaion 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS & 3DS and Nintendo Wii June 10, just in time for the movie release.

If playing on the Xbox 360 or PS3, you will have the ability to team-up and battle the Manhunters in seamless drop-in/drop-out local co-op.

The Nintendo 3DS version of the game is designed specifically to take advantage of the 3D capabilities, while Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers have the option to play in Red and Blue style 3D and comes with the glasses that come with the game… If that is not your bag then you can also play the game in stereoscopic 3D when playing on any 3D HDTV while wearing glasses that are compatible with the television.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions also have Ryan Reynolds (the Green Lantern in the feature film) lend his voice and likeness to the game. The screenshots can be found below.

Nintendo 3DS Launch – A True Success

3 April, 2011 by

Nintendo of Europe have now confirmed that the Nintendo 3DS is now the fastest selling Nintendo handheld device ever, selling over 303,000 units across all of Europe with over a third of those being sold in the United Kingdom – 113,000 units in just two days. That’s not far off from a console a second in the UK alone and across Europe it’s nearly 3 consoles for every second. This is a staggering figure for a system that is not only competing against itself, with Pokémon Black and White being released over the weekend, but also featuring new and challenging software.

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Xenoblade Chronicles Confirmed for Europe

31 March, 2011 by

Nintendo Europe today confirmed that the epic RPG Xenoblade Chronicles will be released in Europe for the Nintendo Wii. The title is already available in Japan and centres around two worlds called Bionis and Mechonis which are warring with no end in sight.

Xenoblade Chronicles is slated for a 2011 release only; however, it has been confirmed that there will be the option to have either Japanese or English voice overs with an English subs option. For those bi-lingual readeres out there there’s also French, Italian, German and Spanish subtitles but no dubs.

The official website is available here.