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Duke Nukem Forever Is Ready!

25 May, 2011 by

The Duke has been away for far too long. 15 years in fact have been and gone since we last saw him in action. This was a time when Nintendo still used cartridges for their home consoles and the tally of Sony PlayStation was at 1! It was even a time when SEGA were producing the Saturn.

Finally after 15 long years, Duke Nukem Forever is finished. It’s done, dusted and been given gold status. Gold means it’s off to be printed on either Blu-Ray or DVD disks as we speak. In a statement released 2K games had this to say about the game that – excuse the pun- has taken forever to be played, they say: Read On

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass Gameplay Trailer

7 April, 2011 by

Duke Nukem Forever may still be a dream, a twinkle in the milkman’s eye; however, Duke Nukem: Critical Mass is not. Out exclusively on the Nintendo DS and the PSP on Friday, the game is exactly what you expect to come from a Duke Nukem game – unadulterated guns. Yes, guns and death. What else?

But if that’s not enough to make you rush out to the shops to buy it, there’s now an official gameplay and cutscene trailer available – just in case.

Remember, if you like it, it’s out on Friday.