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Exerbeat News & Screens

11 April, 2011 by

With more than 150 fitness-oriented activities spanning a variety of categories such as dance, martial arts, body conditioning, and quirky mini-game type party games, there are plenty of choices for players to get active. ExerBeat also includes exercises which are compatible with the Balance Board. The game supports one or two players.

ExerBeat includes various modes to encourage a healthy, ongoing fitness routine. An in-game personal trainer helps customize workout programs based on the player’s personal goals and preferences, while daily and weekly challenges motivate players to achieve accomplishments on a consistent basis.

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UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System Announced

7 April, 2011 by

It has today been announced that the UCF gaming franchise is going to break away from their traditional games and move into the home health market. Well, almost. UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System has been confirmed for the Xbox 360 Kinect, PlayStation 3’s PlayStation Move and the Nintendo Wii.

With fitness regime’s designed and performed by the UFC stars and with content that’s exclusive to the Kinect only, with voice command navigation, fully body tacking and immediate feedback on posture. With additional development for the PlayStation Move and Nintendo Wii.

The fitness regime’s are developed from leading MMA experts, Mark DellaGrotte, Greg Jackson and Javier Mendez and players will lean over 70 approved exercises. Including moves from disciplines such as wrestling, kickboxing and many more, which are all designed to improve strength, endurance and conditions through use of a variety of routines.

Currently the game is penned for a June 2011 release across all three platforms.