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Steel Diver 3DS Dated

5 April, 2011 by

Steel Diver will launch on May 6 on the Nintendo 3DS. This strategy action game uses the 3D capabilities and the gyro sensor to guide a submarine around obstacles while dodging advances from enemy ships.

There are different gameplay modes such as Mission where you navigate an underwater obstacle course while making sure you dodge enemy attacks. In Periscope Strike you use the gyroscopes in the 3DS to destroy warships. To do this you spin with the 3DS while looking through the submarine periscope! An office chair would be best for this!

In the Steel Commander mode, the idea is to hide your own ships and destroy enemy ones in a grid map before they get you – a 3DS version of the classic battleships! You can also play a 2-player version of this using the Download Play service – even if Player 2 doesn’t have a game card.

Steel Diver which arrives in the UK, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, on 6th May 2011.