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SEGA to Announce New Sonic Trailer Tomorrow – Update

6 April, 2011 by

The lovely folks at SEGA are keeping the world waiting to find out what the latest news is in regards to Sonic. SEGA have updated their Sonic page on Facebook, the blogs and Twitter accounts with subtle hints about what it could be.

Today it was announced that we’ll find out tomorrow what’s going on, in the form of a trailer on the Sonic Facebook page. What’s the trailer for, is it Sonic 4 Part 2 as VGN hope, or is it for another much rumoured game?

A lovely Twitter spy noticed a few days ago that SEGA have registered a new domain name – Sonic Generations. Currently the site is nothing but a blank screen, not a 404, but a blank screen. So there’s a fairly strong chance that we’ll be seeing an entirely new game coming from SEGA and the Sonic Team tomorrow.

As it’s Sonic’s 20th birthday this year, it’s only fitting for either a brand new title to come out that echoes back to the heyday of the franchise. That, or it’s going to be a compilation title like the Sonic Collection on the DS; but only with all of the Sonic titles from the Dreamcast back.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we know!

Update 6th April – 22.55

SEGA updated us all on their Twitter page today that we’ll be able to see this trailer at 4pm tomorrow in the UK.

Source: Twitter

Nintendo 3DS Launch – A True Success

3 April, 2011 by

Nintendo of Europe have now confirmed that the Nintendo 3DS is now the fastest selling Nintendo handheld device ever, selling over 303,000 units across all of Europe with over a third of those being sold in the United Kingdom – 113,000 units in just two days. That’s not far off from a console a second in the UK alone and across Europe it’s nearly 3 consoles for every second. This is a staggering figure for a system that is not only competing against itself, with Pokémon Black and White being released over the weekend, but also featuring new and challenging software.

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