The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 76 – 16/03/22 – 205 Days, 18 Hours, 54 Minutes and 32 Seconds to go…

18 March, 2022 - 5:32 pm by
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While I managed to get back on the horse and stay on it, I didn’t manage to check in on Monty until late and it wasn’t especially productive… in fact, I may have fallen asleep while we were searching for the hidden door…😅

I rejoined Monty with him having long finished Nibelungenlied, and he didn’t especially offer me any review or insight to speak of upon my return 😒. We both knew what the agenda was for today, and every day until we were successful – find the hidden door that the [Face in the Wall] had told us about. While I didn’t think it was the most likely place for the door to be, I wanted to start out by checking the [crystal windows] – they weren’t far from [home] and it would be a quick one to check off the list.

What the hell is a blue fire, and what is it for?

Before setting off, I had a niggle that I wanted to investigate; I asked Monty to head over to the fireplace and go to start a fire. There were three options: “regular fire”… Simple enough… “Smelly fire”… Yep – sorted that… and “Blue fire”. The menu told me that we needed four more lapis lazuli to make a blue fire, but I hadn’t come across any anywhere under the mountain since I found the first piece (in the mines, I think). I’ll bet there’s some behind the hidden door…

Casting the blue fire from our minds, together we ambled over to the western side of the palace and quickly came upon the windows, pale, watery light streaming through the pink, cracked glass. It’s definitely bright in here, and I can see a lot, but is it the ‘most’? Probs not… 😅 Monty and I walked the length of the room two or three times; I hovered my cursor on everything in the room and clicked the action button with almost every step but to no avail. The hidden door didn’t seem to be here, or if it was then I certainly didn’t know how to find it.

Next we took the long… and I mean LONG… walk up to [The Well]. There was certainly a lot of light up there and could be deemed the place we could ‘see the most’, if you looked through the right lens. It was a laborious trek, devoid of any entertainment, but once we were there the plan was simple – click on anything and everything, and hover the cursor across the whole of the screen in the hopes of discovering the door. Were we successful?

Walked all this way and didn’t find a damn thing!

Absolutely not.

We checked all of the carved our platforms leading to the surface, the granite cave-in, even the bottom of [The Well] itself, but no secret door was becoming. Fine… well, since we’re all the way up here, maybe [The Lab] isn’t a bad next destination? I could certainly see a lot up there when that stork came flying by yesterday.

And so it was another long walk, back down into the darkness and then up the secret pathway that led out by the unfortunate skeleton and his creepy lair. We scoured the calamitous cave, the winding stairwell, the bookcase, the empty crystal pedestal and finally the walkway and bone grinder, but to no avail… I had Monty wait by the bone grinder for a while as the camera panned out and the mountains came into view, but I couldn’t see anything of interest then either. What am I not getting here? (Other than success…)

This place is really interesting – if I was going to hide a door somewhere, it’d be here…

At first I was unsure of where to search next – there wasn’t anywhere else that particularly stuck out as somewhere we could see much other than bleak cave walls… And then I had an idea.

The [Map of the Kingdom]. You can see the whole kingdom from there!

Confident that this was another smart line of enquiry, I had Monty set off, back down to the depths of the kingdom. I didn’t have the map saved as a location in my menu, so I just chose the area that I thought was the closest (from what I could remember…), and I’d steer Monty manually from there…

Annnnnd this was right about the time when I passed out on the sofa with the Switch in my hands. 😴 I must have woken up and put it into standby at some point, but I have zero recollection of that happening, and woke up to finally take myself be bed way into the wee hours! I guess we’ll pick this search up again tomorrow when I’m hopefully better rested…