The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 77 – 18/03/22 – 205 Days, 6 Hours, 40 Minutes and 36 Seconds to go…

19 March, 2022 - 11:38 pm by
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After falling asleep at the wheel and not achieving much yesterday, save crossing a few places off my hit list for the hidden door, Day 77 was much of the same. Monty and I began to scour the kingdom from top to toe in search of that pesky secret portal…

When I snatched up my Switch and met up with Monty, he was still working his way through the kingdom to wherever it was I asked him to go before passing out; he was currently down near the [crystal lake] and heading west. I said my hellos and had him head for higher ground and towards the [map of the kingdom] to further my latest (likely fruitless) idea concerning the door.

Amazing where you end up when you’re left unsupervised 😅

I usually have a screenshot of the map to work from but I seemed to have misplaced the file on my phone, meaning I was working blind. We accidentally ended up near the [Face in the Wall] so I decided that we should stop in. A quick search confirmed that there was no secret door there (wouldn’t THAT have been a twist!), but since we found ourselves in his presence, I thought we should see what he had to say. What was interesting was that there was a question we’d still been unable to ask…

“How do you manipulate time?”

Question for the Face in the Wall

While we discovered how to play with time ages ago, I realised that there might have been more questions that we couldn’t ask until I had ‘purchased’ that one. Unfortunately for us, we only had six Disappointments to our name and the Face wanted seven… Ironic or what? We’ll have to keep our eyes out for Disappointing places in the hopes of asking that last pesky question and potentially unlock more…

After speaking to the Face, we slowly made our way down to the [map of the kingdom]. I had Monty stand in front of the carvings and watched eagerly as the view zoomed out, hoping to see something -anything- of note. Here goes nothing…


I couldn’t see any changes on the map that might indicate a hidden door. This was getting annoying.

Nothin’. The place looks just as it always does. 😡

Entirely unsure what to do next, we began to wander pretty aimlessly – clicking the action button as we went and hoping to stumble onto something by accident. Which, in fairness, was equally as successful as our planned searches thus far! We found ourselves in the [library], which was enjoyable to revisit, seeing as we only made a single journey there, but that too was entirely devoid of success.

Having run out of sensible ideas and already becoming tired of checking through the kingdom systematically, I asked Monty to head up to the [lab] again. Perhaps it was the newness of the place, or the vast view of the mountains, but something told me that we weren’t done with the place just yet.

The walk was long and slow, as always, and once Monty arrived, we began the search of the tower laboratory for the third time in as many days..

…and once again we came up with nothing. 😤😭

Frustrated at the lack of leads, I asked Monty to head [home] for the evening. Once he tottered in the door, I was tempted to put him to bed after not sleeping for so long, but since he’d been so keen to read the Neverending Notebook, I figured he’d enjoy that more.

Now, I don’t want to see any sign of a fire axe when I come back, alright?!