The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 79 – 20/03/22 – 166 Days, 19 Minutes and 59 Seconds to go…

23 March, 2022 - 10:25 pm by
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I didn’t expect a lot for Day 79, and that’s exactly what I got. Monty would be trapped in the room until almost midnight, so there wasn’t much time for anything other than setting my little buddy free…

Monty cut a pretty sympathetic figured when I returned to him; huddled in the fetal position, head cushioned on his arms and fast asleep, he looked every bit the innocent child he acted. He stirred as I entered and together we waited patiently for the clock to turn to 166:00:00:00, when I expected the door to appear…

Almost didn’t see you there, mate

And thankfully, it did. Happy days.

I had Monty exit the room and found that we emerged on the opposite side of the kingdom from where we entered – on the western side fork. I guess I was right about the door moving too – score. Not having the energy to do a lot, I had Monty return [home] so that he’d at least enjoy a comfy night after sleeping on the cold floor.

Arriving in our little cave, we were greeted by the spoils of our adventure – an absolutely jam-packed book case, that huge painting of the king and the glittering golden crystal. I hung the king’s painting in the entrance to the bedroom, which really was about the only place with enough space for it, and then I placed the crystal alongside the pink one, down by the mushroom patch.

As Monty stood alongside the two crystals, I noticed that the sounds they made seemed to compliment one another – almost as if they were playing two parts of the same song. Interesting! Maybe the birthday present will be a third crystal that completes the tune – that would be pretty sweet. 😊

Two down. One to go.

Already tired out, I left Monty to the comfort of the cave for the evening, and set him down in his armchair to finish the Neverending Notebook. I won’t be checking in tomorrow, matey – I’ve got a busy day – but hopefully that’ll keep you entertained.