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E3 2012: Sony Keynote Round Up

7 June, 2012 - 11:04 pm by
About 5 mins to read

Sony, like Microsoft is feeling the pressure as the PlayStation3 is entering its twilight years and members of the gaming community are itching for the latest tidbits of information regarding the next generation console. Microsoft said No,no,no and there was no new Xbox. Sony however never denied the existence of the PS4. In their shareholder conference, they said money was going in to the research and development of the next console. Could they provide an upset and surprise the gaming world?


Well unfortunately this didn’t happen. Following in Microsoft’s footsteps decided to concentrate on current gen hardware. However, with other flurries of rumours about the new God of War, a new game from the Heavy Rain studio – Quantum Mind, not forgetting The Last of Us, Sony might not be showing PS4, but could give reasons for gamers to stay interested with PS3. Here are the conference highlights.

Starting with a high, Sony and Quantum Mind announced Beyond. This will feature Ellen Page (note not a look-a-like as in The Last of Us, the actual actress herself). Jodie Holmes (Page) is a woman who can see spirits and supernatural ghoulies with powers of her own. It looks very atmospheric and a great start to the keynote.

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale is not the easiest name to get your tongue around, however Sony have finally lifted the lid on the game. It will features Nathan Drake, Kratos and even prappa the rapper in the answer to Smash Brothers. It will have cross connectivity with the PlayStation Vita’s version which was also announced in an attempt to jump the gun on Nintendo’s fighting franchise – the 3DS and Wii U versions are rumoured to link up.

Cross Platform functionality was also promoted by the Japanese company just as it was last year, but using the Vita as a screen for a PlayStation 3 game isn’t the only advantage. Gamers will soon be able to use the handheld as a controller in games like LittleBigPlanet 2. Also with games like Journey you’ll be able to play on the PS3 and continue the experience with Vita, an exciting prospect indeed.

Splitting the keynote equally between the PS3 and Vita we have been treated to 2 new games in the form of Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation featuring a female assassin and Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified will both release on the handheld as side games away from the main console experience. A White Vita was also announced as a bundle with Liberation. A PS3 bundle with AC3 was also announced with exclusive DLC.

Next we have another crack at the augmented reality market. Sony have announced Wonderbook, it is a book that uses the PlayStation Eye to produce images and games on screen. The first title announced is from the Harry Potter universe. Book of Spells written by J K Rowling herself expands on the history of magic spells and gives the gamer chance to cast magic using their Move Wand (see what I did there?). With the Harry Potter name and J K Rowling actually writing the story of the book, it will appear a good money spinner and encourage people to pick up Move.

The Last of Us was shown in great detail with one of the level walkthroughs showing how the action takes place. It is a brutal look on an apocalyptic world and makes you question whether or not you are the good or bad guy. As reported last month, Ellen Page’s likeness has been removed as the young Ellie has undergone a slight make over.

Lastly, we have God Of War Ascension shown and boy does Kratos look angry. This does look like more of the same from the look of what we have been shown. Loads of blood and violence from the Greeks. It does look interesting and the multiplayer looks very promising. It has been given a date of 12 March next year.

All-in-all Sony have provided a solid showing. Naughty Dog’s Last of Us looks more and more intriguing each time and Beyond promises to be another Sony first party exclusive. Wonderbook sounds interesting and with a backing from J K Rowling, it will be one to watch. Obviously the lack of a PS4 may disappoint some but it wasn’t realistic that it would happen this year. The extra colour on the Vita system will bring attention from the neglected handheld and with the two exclusive spin off games it can only be a good thing.