To E3 2021 And Beyond

Since the dawn of time– 1995 to be specific – E3 has been the go-to conference for video game professionals. This is a chance for publishers and developers to show off their latest and greatest works and give gamers a taste of what we’ll be playing in the next 12 months or so. With last ye

VGamingBargains: Nintendo Switch June 2021

I know what you’re going to say VGamingBargains fans - where in the world was the May Edition?! Well, we’re not going to lie to you all - May was a very busy month for us in the VGaming offices, what with the world opening back up and some huge releases hitting our desks, so we needed you to fen

GIVEAWAY: Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition

We're back with another competition and this time we're offering two lucky winners the opportunity of winning a digital copy of the brilliant Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition. One code will be the Steam version, the other will be for the Nintendo Switch. For the Switch version, we will ask

Rift Racoon

It certainly wasn’t the first 2D, tough-as-nails platformer, but since Super Meat Boy splattered his way onto the gaming scene in 2010, it has become the yardstick against  which all rage-inducing precision platformers are compared. Rift Racoon is the latest in the controller snapping genre; deve

Resident Evil Village

As a lifelong fan of the Resident Evil franchise, I’m not going to pretend that I wasn’t thoroughly hyped for a new entry in the series. And I wasn’t alone - Resident Evil Village was eagerly anticipated the world over, and with rumours swirling that Capcom had taken a more supernatural approa

Mighty Goose

I grew up in the early 90s, in what I like to believe was the Golden Age of Videogaming. It was a time before day one DLC and loot boxes; a time when new games were universally celebrated and players were more interested in gameplay than what FPS the developer had managed to achieve. And with my bia

E3 2021: Xbox & Bethesda

Xbox and Bethesda are teaming up to bring a double whammy of an E3 conference this year. It makes sense as Microsoft completed their purchase of the Elder Scrolls company earlier in the year and to celebrate the teams are going all out in probably the biggest show of the whole of E3 2021.

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E3 2021: Gearbox E3 Showcase

We’re back with the second E3 2021 presentation of the day. This time we’ll be taking a look at Gearbox Software’s slate of games. Unlike Ubisoft’s presentation where you can pretty much guess their running order, this promises to be filled with more surprises and curveballs. Let’s take a look.

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E3 2021: Demon Turf Expands To PlayStation And A New Demo Launches Today

Playtonic Friends have announced that their first game in the world of publishing video games, Demon Turf will be coming to PlayStation 4 & 5 as well as the previously announced Xbox family of consoles, PC and Nintendo Switch. To celebrate the news, the developers Fabraz have released a demo on Steam… RIGHT NOW.

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E3 2021: New Trailer for Arcade Paradise

Wired Productions have released a new trailer for their up and coming laundromat-cum-arcade management sim Arcade Paradise. We still don’t have a release date for the game, however we do get a look at the arcade games on offer.

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E3 2021: Ubisoft Forward 2021

Ubisoft are officially kicking E3 2021 off this year with their Ubisoft Forward presentation at 20.00 BST. Here we’ll have the latest information about the presentation, what went down and what was announced. We intended this post to go out at 19.00 in time for their pre-show warm up, but like Nintendo we’ve pressed the go button early.

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Monark A New RPG From NIS America Has Been Announced For PS5, Switch & PC

Monark is a new RPG from NIS America coming to PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC & PS4 in 2022.

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Battlefield 2042 Announced By EA & Dice

The next games in the Battlefield series has been announced by EA and developers DICE. The console and PC game is titled Battlefield 2042 and takes place 100 years after the first game in the series (Battlefield 1942) the game will arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on 22nd October 2021. PS4 & Xbox One versions will also be available.

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Eastasiasoft Drops Another 10 Minute Video Detailing Their Next 10 Games

It’s official. We’ve lost count of how many games Eastasiasoft are releasing this year. They have dropped another presentation video over on their YouTube accounts detailing the next ten releases. Some are new, some are being ported to different consoles, and some even feature waifus. Let’s have a look at their announcements.

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Indie Game ‘Glyph’ Is Coming Soon To Steam, Also On Sale On Switch e-Shop

You’ll be forgiven for not hearing about Glyph. Originally releasing on the Nintendo e-Shop in January this puzzle platformer that looks like a cross between Journey and the morph ball from Metroid Prime, largely went unnoticed. That’s through no fault of the developers, but the Nintendo e-Shop has so many games available, sometimes gems are truly hidden. However, Danish developers Bolverk Games has a few announcements.

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OAP Mayhem Simulator Just Die Already Launches On PC & Consoles

Just Die Already from DoubleMoose and produced by Curve Digital is all about old people causing havoc before they pop off to the great beyond. Performing ridiculous stunts, getting injured in hilarious ways such as strapping a rocket to your back, and losing limbs are all part of the fun you have have in game. Think Goat Simulator but with Old People and dismemberment and you can’t go far wrong.

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