VGamingBargains: Nintendo Switch April 2021

With the UK on the verge of opening back up, if you’re anything like me, a lot of your budget will suddenly be assigned to frivolous purchases of elaborate restaurant food and alcohol. Lots of alcohol. Keeping that in mind, you might not have as much cash floating around for gaming as you’d norm

Say No! More

In a strange world known as ‘the workplace’ something odd happens. Instead of “No, Stephen, I will not get your fish from the microwave”, life is more agreeable for fear of being reprimanded, even by members of staff who work in a different department! You turn into a mindless drone that’s

Magic Twins

In terms of ridiculous premise for a video game, Magic Twins is up there. Abra & Cadabra, our kawaii heroines are dying their clothes using magic, naturally. Things go awry quickly and our twins make a real mess of things. Their cauldron teaches the basics of the game before skedaddling off into

VGamingBargains: Nintendo Switch March 2021

So readers – let’s address the elephant in the room… the huge February Nintendo eShop sale that we didn’t cover… I’m sorry. I built you up with a promise of glittering bargains galore and I didn’t deliver. I only hope you can forgive me, because below we do have such glittering barg

VGamingBargains: PlayStation Indies Sale March 2021

We make no secret of loving indie games. Some of the best experiences in video games don’t have to be an all-out blockbuster, or a 1000-hour epic RPG. They can be short and sweet games, created by a team of a handful of people. In this VGamingBargains article, we’re taking a look at those indepe

Cultist Simulator: Initiate Edition

The occult has always held a strange, passing fascination for me, so when I stumbled upon news that narrative deck-builder, Cultist Simulator: Initiate Edition by Weather Factory, was coming to Nintendo Switch on 02/02/2021, my interest was immediately piqued. Released on Steam back in 2018, the gam

The Latest Resident Evil Showcase Shows More Of The Village & More Anniversary Details

Last night Capcom released another Resident Evil Showcase, giving us all a further look into the world of Resident Evil Village. There was very little in the way of new information about the game’s plot, but we did get a look at some new locations, details of a new demo and the information surrounding a returning fan-favourite mode.

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Nintendo Indie World Direct 14th April 2021

Nintendo have dropped another one of their Indie World direct videos showcasing some of the up and coming indie titles for the next 12 months. In the presentation, there were thrills, spills and more turtles than you can shake a pizza at. We’ve taken a look at what was announced during the 20 minute video and have rounded up the highlights just for you.

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UK Sales Charts Week Ending 10th April 2021

As things start to settle down after the Easter bank holidays, we’re back on a Monday with the latest sales figures for boxed video games sold in the UK. This week seems quiet with no new releases hitting the charts but we do have a change at the top.

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VGamingNews Headlines 6th April 2021

We hope everyone had a lovely Easter holiday and managed to make use of the extra days off to eat chocolate and play video games. If you had to work, we hope that you weren’t too rushed. As there has been a long weekend, the video game announcements are a little on the light side, but we do have a few new games that are worth keeping an eye on.

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UK Sales Charts – Week Ending 3rd April 2021

As we start to feel the regret of eating too much chocolate and not going for our daily walks over the last four days, the UK sales charts for the last week are in, and for the first time in a little while, we have a non-Nintendo number one.

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Eastasiasoft Drops An EAStershowcase

One of our more risque publishers, eastaisasoft have produced another direct style presentation over the weekend. In this four minute presentation they detail the games we’ll be playing over the course of the next couple of months. Let’s have a look shall we?

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Xbox Games With Gold & PlayStation Plus Titles Announced For April 2021

Sony and Microsoft have unveiled the ‘free’ games you can be playing in April as part of their PlayStation Plus and Games With Gold subscriptions. This month includes Oddworld, Vikings, and Zombies. Lots and lots of Zombies. Let’s have a look at the games we’ll be playing.

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Sony To Close PS3, PS Vita & PSP Stores From July

Sony have confirmed the rumours swirling the closure of the digital storefronts is accurate. From the 2nd July you’ll no longer be able to purchase any digital games or DLC for the PlayStation 3 or the PSP. The PlayStation Vita’s shop will close on 27th August.

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VGamingNews – Headlines 29th March 2021

Mondays are always fun. CD Projekt Red have detailed their patch notes for Cyberpunk 2077 in just over 8000 words and there’s a 3DS game on the way. We’ve also got some new video game announcements and some updates over existing ones. Here we go!

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Sony Adds 9 New Games To Play At Home Series

Last month Sony released Ratchet & Clank for free to any player with a registered PlayStation account as part of their Play At Home series. Today, another nine games will be added to the service with an additional tenth game being added mid-April. The initiative allows anyone, regardless of any PlayStation Plus subscriptions to claim free digital games.

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