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7 October, 2022 by

Aka caught my attention earlier in the year when the chonk of a red panda sprung up on Steam. You see, there are a few things I absolutely lose my mind over –  heavy metal when played in normal places, alliteration, and fat red pandas. Developers Cosmo Gatto settled on the latter point for their latest endeavour and despite already being sold, they pinged across an early Beta build for me to get my paws on. 

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28 September, 2022 by

I think there’s something uniquely addictive about a city-builder; I think it’s inherently rewarding to watch a tiny settlement blossom into a thriving metropolis, and it’s fun to act as the omnipotent guiding hand to a simulated civilisation. The newest entry to the genre, and offering a unique visual style, is LakeSide from Massive Galaxy Studios, which has now entered Early Access on Steam. 

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Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure

18 August, 2022 by

I haven’t played a ‘build your own community’ game since Harvest Moon was released on the GameCube… so it’s been a minute. As a rule, these kinds of games aren’t for me. While I bow to the popularity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the seemingly immortal appeal of Stardew Valley, I have always preferred games that offer a more defined start and finish, and ones that require me to do more than simply make things in my own image. That was before the W.A.S.D. event in London back in May though, where Snowcastle Games were previewing an early build of their new game…

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26 April, 2022 by

There was a lot of prep for us to do prior to attending the inaugural W.A.S.D. games event earlier this month, with one of the key items to check out all of the playable games on offer and shortlist what we wanted to get our hands on. And when we came across the trailer for pixel art platformer Souldiers from Retro Forge, our collective jaws dropped and it flew straight into our Top 5 list of games to play at the event. Thankfully, the kind folks at Retro Forge and Plan of Attack PR organised us a preview copy, allowing us to delve deeper and give you the lowdown on Souldiers prior to its release!

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Slender Threads

21 September, 2021 by

Slender Threads  is a game by Argentinian based indie company, Blyts, founded in 2008 and known for its other titles such as Nobodies and Kelvin and the Infamous Machine. The game is to be their latest release and falls into the modern point and click adventure category;  it is somewhat similar in style to the fantastic Deponia and the remasters of the classic Monkey Island series. I was lucky enough to get access to the prologue chapter of the new game when we ‘met’ the developer at the recent Gamescom event and, despite there being no definitive final release date yet, I couldn’t wait to dive in.

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4 October, 2012 by

Fans maybe unhappy with the new look of arguably one of the coolest looking video game characters of the last 10 or so years, but with a recent hands-on of DmC, VGamingNews isn’t writing off Capcom and Dante just yet. After all, you don’t judge a book by its cover, so why should you judge a game on what the main character looks like?

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The Darkness II

25 January, 2012 by

The Darkness II follows on from the 2007 game in which mafia supremo Jackie Estacado is thrown into a world of demons on his 21st birthday. The first title was a little on the short side and had a few issues regarding aiming and control of the demons that possessed Jackie. After raising to the heights he did in the first game, 2K games are continuing his story straight after the ending to the first game.

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Asura’s Wrath

18 January, 2012 by

In between producing the original survival horror series that is the Resident Evil franchise, working on Devil May Cry and the world renowned Street Fighter CAPCOM must be finding it tough creating new and exciting IP’s right? Well no. Wrong. Asura’s Wrath is CAPCOM’s latest new title, which is coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in February and this is a game to watch from the demo that we have been privy to play.

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We Dance

29 May, 2011 by

Dancing is a fine art, it’s something that most people disregard as a soft option at school; however, it’s much harder than people give it credit for. After all, how many people can actually dance well, or even do DDR well? Very few people, that’s who. So when Nordic Games invited us to preview their up and coming game for the Nintendo Wii – We Dance, we, well, got the train to London!

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