£30 Battlefield DLC arrives on Xbox

6 April, 2012 - 10:43 am by
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Electronic Arts has released The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle for Battlefield 3 – which costs a whopping 3200 Microsoft points.

That’s roughly £30 in real money. The DLC is also available via PSN and EA’s Origin service.

The package gives players access to all weapons and gadgets for each of the multiplayer classes, a full array of upgrades for every air and ground vehicles and all of the weapons used in the co-op mode.

These in-game items are also available in separate Shortcut DLC, with prices ranging from 560 MSP to 2000 MSP.

The 3200 MSP price tag has already prompted complaints from gamers who point out that the game itself is cheaper. Tesco, for example, currently has the game listed as £24.99.