Homefront: Ultimate Edition due in Easter

10 January, 2012 - 4:40 pm by
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After the success of Saints Row The Third, THQ have now released a new Special Edition for its latest first person shooter series, Homefront, which will be released by Easter this year. THQ’s release schedule lists Homefront: Ultimate Edition as a new title to be expected for Quarter 1, ending on March 31st. The title will be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

At the moment, no following information has been released in relation to the title, although it is presumed that it will include the original game and the two downloadable map packs that have since been produced for it. These include The Rock, which include Alcatraz and Fire Sale.

Homefront was set in a speculative future where a unified Korea had conquered America. In March 2011, it successfully debuted as number one in the charts and was the best-selling game for that month.

Crytek are currently working on a sequel due to its success after the original developer Kaos closed in the Summer of 2011.

Homefront: Ultimate Edition will be available on the Xbox360 and PS3 by April.