New Uncharted 3 DLC Revealed

6 April, 2012 - 9:44 am by
About 1 mins to read

Naughty Dog has announced that four new multiplayer maps are headed to Uncharted 3 next week.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Naughty Dog community strategist Eric Monacelli confirmed that four new maps will be available on the PlayStation Store on April 10th. The maps are Graveyard, Old Quarter, London Streets and Oasis, and each will feature new dynamic events that occur as matches progress.

“In Graveyard, a patrol boat will circle the border and launch grenades. In Oasis, a passing plane will drop a shipping crate that can flatten you,” Monacelli wrote. “If you’re smart enough to stay out of the crate’s shadow, you may score the power weapon that resides inside. London Street and Old Quarter contain dynamic events as well…but we want to leave you a couple big surprises, don’t we?”

The pack will be available for roughly £9 on its own, or free to Fortune Hunters’ Club members. The Fortune Hunters’ Club will close its doors on April 17th.

Monacelli notes that while the Fortune Hunters’ Club is ending, “this doesn’t mean the DLC for Uncharted 3 will stop.” The Lab playlist will return soon, and additional DLC news is set to come to the PlayStation Blog in the future.