Skyrim Patch hints at DLC Content

27 April, 2012 - 5:51 pm by

Skyrim’s new patch contains DLC that will contain Snow Elves, crossbows and new vampires.

Patch 1.5.26 update revealed “DLC01” as stated on the Bethesda forum.

Snow Elves, a Snow Elf prince, crossbows, new vampire feeding animations, and something prefixed “RF” are all included for a later date.

The following information has been revealed about each;

”The mysterious Snow Elves were a race of elf, or mer, who lived in the land of Skyrim before the Nords. They became the twisted Falmer after hundreds of years spent underground as slaves of the long-lost Dwemer.

The Snow Prince led the Snow Elves in a war against the first humans in Tamriel. He was killed in a brutal battle, causing the Snow Elf effort to collapse. The Nords then launched a counter campaign that slaughtered thousands of Snow Elves, who fled underground to the Dwemer. But the Dwemer, the closest thing Skyrim has to dwarves, betrayed the Snow Elves, forcing them to eat fungi that turned them blind, sparking their devolution.

In the period in which Skyrim is set, the Snow Elves are no more, but one quest ends with the player in a cavern dominated by a huge Snow Elf statue, perhaps of the Snow Elf prince himself.”

Crossbows could bring a new type of weapon into the game.

‘RF’ is unknown for now.

Skyrim DLC will be announced by Bethesda next week.