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Scoring Policy

At VGamingNews we want to give you the clearest look at a game before you decide whether or not to part with your hard earned cash. We truly think that the industry expectation that any game "under a 7/10 isn't worth your time" is a load of rubbish. Our mentality is that if you are using a 10-point scale then 5 is average as it's in the middle.

We took this common sense approach when putting together our 10-point review system. Our reviews aren't meant to be a comparison saying that one game is better than another, but whether we think a game is worth adding to your collection or not. After all, if we score a game 10/10 and the sequel comes out that is better in every way, we can't exactly issue an 11/10.

The table below is what the team consider when putting their reviews together. It's not 100% fool-proof as it all boils down to personal preference but we think highlighting how we arrive to our recommendation ratings gives the most accurate picture of how we feel about a game.

Review Scale

1. Avoid At All Costs It turns on, but turning it off is the most fun part. Either unfinished, riddled with bugs/problems or just an entirely unenjoyable experience.
2. Avoid Usually dull, full of bugs and barely held together. There will be very few redeeming features, but perhaps one or two things that could be considered fun.
3. Not recommended Not entirely dreadful but held back by poor production and/or general lack of decent gameplay. Often has a few good ideas held back by execution.
4. Maybe Not Below average; has its moments and is sometimes fun but doesn’t really do enough to make players happy. Might appeal to some but its mostly just missing some pazazz.
5. On The Fence Plays well enough with few-to-no problems, but isn’t one you’d look to revisit for one reason or another. It's fun to play with some solid ideas that show promise. As the score suggests - it's average.
6. Couldn't Hurt It’s a good game but something special is missing. A collection of good ideas and features that will likely be enjoyed, but will be forgotten once you move onto the next game.
7. Recommended A pretty good game, in a solid state with a good mix of gameplay, charm and polish. A game that makes you say “Oh yeah, I remember that one, it’s pretty good - give it a go”.
8. Highly Recommended A really good game with few flaws. It's one of those games that’s hard to put down. Things might dip occasionally but all things considered you’d tell your friends to buy it.
9. Ringing Endorsement Almost perfect; may have a few down moments here or there but is highly recommended and it's a game you'd shout about to almost everyone.
10. Must-Play A masterpiece that every gamer should experience. This is a game everyone should play, regardless if you like the genre of style of the game.

Additional Content

DLC, or post-release addons are more prevalent than ever and while we don't typically review them, there have been occasions where a review is warranted. Since these extras are in addition to the main game, our usual review criteria is suspended as we're under the assumption you won't be buying a game purely for the additional extras.

To this end we've kept it easy with a three step review score:

Not Recommended Adds little to no value to the core game and in our opinion, an utter waste of money. Since deriving value is subjective, we expect to hardly ever use this score.
No Score We'll give you the pros and cons about a bit of content, you'll be the one putting down your money. Our rule of thumb is if you enjoyed the main game, then you'll probably enjoy the DLC.
Recommended You should probably consider investing in the content as it'll add so much more than a few extra skins or levels. If we recommend an add-on, it's because it's a chunky update that you can get hours of fun out of.