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Neon White Brings Heavenly Demon Slaying To Nintendo Switch And PC

Neon White was one of the more interesting looking games of the Nintendo Direct. A stylistic, first-person shooter has players hunting demons in heaven. As it is being published by Annapurna Interactive, you already know this isn’t going to be your standard shooter.

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posted 19 February, 2021 - 10:28 am in News, Nintendo, PC, Switch by

Outer Wilds Sets Sight For Nintendo Switch In Summer

The first of two games announced by Annapurna during last night’s Nintendo Direct is a port of the critically acclaimed Outer Wilds. The sci-fi puzzler is a Groundhog Day style space explorer from 2019 and is coming to the Nintendo Switch at some point during the summer.

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posted 18 February, 2021 - 10:30 am in News, Nintendo, Switch by