The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 11 – 11/01/22 – 374 Days, 12 Hours, 37 Minutes and 11 Seconds to go…

12 January, 2022 - 8:07 pm by
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It was my third night in a row where I didn’t get to hang with Monty until really late in the evening, so Day 11 it was another especially short session. And even more so than in recent days, we didn’t have time for exploration, and didn’t offer much more than some hard labour for my shadey little friend. Sorry bud.

I woke up my Switch to find Monty had made some progress on tunnelling beneath the living area, but honestly, not as much as I had hoped. 😣 He’d chiseled away enough stone so that the downward stairwell was now about level with the fireplace at the back of the room – it certainly wasn’t bad going, but since it’d been over 12 hours since my last check in, I expected that he’d have gotten further. The guy moves at a snails space and could use a few good meals – cut him some slack. At this pace I guessed it would be another three or four nights work before the new room was completed.

Wanting to finish what we started the night before, I ushered Monty off towards [The Face in the Wall] so that we could collect one of those lovely blue gemstones. The short walk garnered a few more lumps of coal but nothing more exciting, and then Monty went to work with the mattock again. I speculated yesterday that it would take Monty another 15 minutes or so to crack the stone from the wall but I was pleasantly surprised when it only took him five! Maybe all that pickaxe swinging in the bedroom was paying off after all! 💪🏻

One down, one to go…

A black and a blue one – nice to have a pair

Knowing I was on a short timescale and not expecting there would be too much I could achieve, I asked Monty to scurry off to the [crystal pool] so that we might add one of those brilliant white stones to the collection as well. It’s not really a collection until you’ve got at least three of things, is it?

As ever, the most exciting thing to happen on the journey was stuffing a few pieces of coal into the inventory, and even Monty seemed less chatty than usual. We arrived at the [crystal pool] and I enjoyed the twinkly bells while Monty started cracking away at the smallest crystal. And maybe 10 minutes later, Monty was done, and so was I – it was super late and I needed to head to bed.

They say “no rest for the wicked” though, so I asked to head Monty back home while I got ready to hit the hay. Stepping in the door, I was pretty pleased to see a small cluster of the coloured gems adorning the wall, and I arranged them in a row above the desk, thinking it would give Monty more light to draw by.

With that, my play time was over, so I sent Monty back down into the tunnel to keep working on that new room…

Starting to look pretty nice in there

oh, wait!

🎵—– 🎵—– 🎵—–

🎵—– 🎵—– 🎵—–


Can’t be heading to bed without a practice session. Night pal.

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