The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 20 – 20/01/22 – 349 Days, 8 Hours, 58 Minutes and 45 Seconds to go…

21 January, 2022 - 10:24 pm by
About 3 mins to read

It’s hard to believe that in a play session that saw me start and end in the middle of nowhere, that I could have both a bitter disappointment and a huge vote of confidence. Almost all of my play time was spent walking around with Monty, but when we briefly stood still – oh boy.

All the way back there? Nah – maybe tomorrow…

Yesterday I asked Monty to walk to a random place before I turned my Switch off for the night, so I was keen to see exactly where he had gotten to when I fired up again today. It didn’t take me long to realise where he was… mainly because he’d hardly moved from when I left him! I found Monty standing at the bottom of the of stairs leading out of the kingdom – hardly more than five minutes from the [mushroom caves]… 😒 All the plush goodies at home are making you lazy, pal!

I had hoped that Monty would be down in the kingdom somewhere and I could snoop around looking for the wood some more, but since he was relatively close to the caves… 🤔 My impatience made me send him up to the [tall overhang] again… maybe a big mushroom had sprung up today..? I’m going to waste so much time checking this every-damn-day, aren’t I?

I drummed my fingers on the desk and watched (impatiently) as Monty made his way up to the [tall overhang]

Holy crap – there it is… A huge green mushroom! Wait…

The mushroom that had grown wasn’t the one I had planted right in the crook of the wall… It was one that had already been growing just a few feet away – which might as well have been ten miles away for all the good it did me! 😭 My little ‘shroom was still standing there, proud as punch, but still only a few inches tall. Talk about crashing down to earth! I decided to ask Monty to destroy this false hope of a fungus, and when he did – my sunken heart was suddenly lifted!

“Maybe it could have been used as a trampoline if it had grown closer to the ledge.”


A… trampoline?! Sounds a little more energetic than I had expected! What a result!

So close, yet so far!

While I clearly didn’t get the result that I wanted, I did get confirmation that I was on the right lines – I just needed something that Monty had in spades. Patience.

It was about that time when my lunch break was coming to an end and I had to get back to my day job. I decided to send Monty on a walk down to the [moss room] – at least we would be in the kingdom for next time and we can wander around in search of that goddamn wood.