The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 25 – 25/01/22 – 335 Days, 21 Hours, 43 Minutes and 30 Seconds to go…

26 January, 2022 - 9:51 pm by
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Day 25 was a very busy one for real-life Drew, and so I barely had a moment to spare for Monty until really rather late in the evening. As such, I only managed a few short minutes with him, but did get chance to check up on the mushroom trampoline and see how things were progressing… *SPOILER ALERT* It wasn’t going well. Again.

Going through books like they’re going out of fashion

Monty had whipped through Thus Spoke Zarathustra Vol. II by the time I checked in on him again, and so he met me with the stoic silence of a well-read philosopher who knows much but says little… And by that I mean he didn’t say anything as I arrived… 😅 Charming. Looking up at the clock, I was pretty stunned to see that 8 days had fallen off Monty’s calendar since last night – that should be plenty of time for the mushroom to have malformed into an Abomination Trampoline!

After a quick check to keep any Abominations from sprouting up at home, we made our way to the [tall ledge] again, as is coming a nightly ritual at this point. Once we finally reached the tunnel leading to the [tall ledge] my heart skipped a beat with excitement… There! An Abomination! And another! Walking along I could see that two mushrooms planted the same day had already bloated up! Today’s the day!

Surely my excitement can be forgiven based on this lead-in

Only it wasn’t. 😫

The crook-fungus still looked like a normal purple mushroom… Perhaps that’s ’cause you plucked it the night before like a bonehead! Well, I won’t be doing that again! I didn’t dare try to pluck the mushroom again to check if it was starting to ‘turn’ and instead decided to ‘turn’ around and head down to the [Abomination Cave]. Arriving there, I found that all three mushrooms there had failed to change as well… What the hell am I missing? I was SURE I had this figured out! Unsure what the issue was, I plucked and replanted each one, in the hopes that that would somehow spur them on for tomorrow night.

Exhausted from a terribly long day, I asked Monty to head back, without even hanging around to see him home safely. Sorry mate, but I’ll be asleep before you get there at this rate. I could only hope that tomorrow yields better results.

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