The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 34 – 03/02/22 – 306 Days and 6 Seconds to go…

6 February, 2022 - 2:05 pm by
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So, after a three day hiatus from the mountain and my shadey friend, it was finally time to get back to it and see if my plan of leaving Monty in loneliness was successful. Sadly, what I found was more frustrating than the wait itself…

Today is the day! I snatched up my Switch and fired up The Longing with a renewed vigour after a few days off – I was hopeful that my plan would work and that Monty and I would be able to sneak past the [Eyes in the Dark], into the higher reaches of the kingdom and perhaps even to the surface.

Ugh. They’re definitely the words of a lonely man, but that’s not exactly the words you’d like to hear on a reunion.

Monty stood up, vaguely silhouetted against the purple glow of the [The Pit] and otherwise surrounded by darkness. Other than his rather bleak outburst, there wasn’t anything different to suggest that my plan had worked, but I had no way of knowing save from approaching the Eyes – so off we went.

I could feel some nerves rising as Monty shuffled up the ramp way in the dark, heading right for the the [Eyes in the Dark] – the closer we got the less confident I felt that it would work… What a waste of time this will be if he just gets rushed again – three days down the drain… Eventually Monty reached the level platform and those familiar yellow eyes appeared before him. I urged him on, closer and closer until…


Monty once again picked himself up from the bedroom floor, and I was livid. What a complete and utter waste of time that was! Furious, and totally unwilling to put any more thought into the game for the day, I sent Monty back up beyond the [tall ledge] and shut the game down, not even waiting to see him reach the destination.

I’ll see you tomorrow, when I can stomach the sight of you and this stupid mountain again.

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