The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 7 – 07/01/22 – 387 Days, 9 Hours, 49 Minutes and 29 Seconds to go…

8 January, 2022 - 7:13 pm by
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Waking up the Switch and then waking up Monty, it was time to go to work for Day 7. The agenda was pretty sparse, and I’d thought this would mostly be a mosey around to check up on the place… Since the stalactite had come down, who knows what else might have changed. I also wanted to check on the bed situation and then gather enough moss to speak to The Face about what he thinks will happen after 400 days. I’m keen to see how he thinks things are gonna go.

With a quick check on the moss pile growing on the path to the [crystal mines], I was surprised to hear that Monty thought it would only be a ‘few more days’ before it was ready to take his weight and we could jump down – I’d expected it to be another two weeks at least! Yeah, I’m not falling for that ‘it’s going to happen really soon’ routine again, pal – I remember the last time… Looking more closely at the entrance to the mines, my eyes widened… How have I not seen that before…?!

Another mattock! Just lying there on the stairs! I’m going to have to keep coming back here – this is now my biggest place of interest. But, why would there be two? Can they get damaged?

Look at it, just sitting there on the stairs. Mocking us…

With a new timescale for progress hinted at, I sent Monty off home, excited to see his nice new bed all set up in [our room]. He toddled through the [crystal crossroads], down the long staircase, across the [Hall of the Mountain King] and into the entrance to [our room]. What’s the bed going to look like, I wonder? And where’s it going to sit? The room loaded up and I was lost for words…

There was no bed.

Absolutely wasn’t there at all.

Zero bed action. FFS – how much wood and moss can you possibly need to make a bed big enough to house a guy that small?!

More than a little annoyed, I tried to chill out by listening to Monty’s music. 🎵-🎵-🎵-🎵-🎵-🎵 Ah yes! That’s the good stuff. No improvement whatsoever, but just what I needed for a laugh – thanks pal. Then, with horn practice finished, I set Monty the task of another louse picture – this time in black. We only needed to smash out a blue one and find the yellow paint so we can make a full set… maybe that’s what he wants?

Well, with Bed-Gate still ranging on, it was time for Item Two on the agenda – more moss. I asked Monty to head up to the [moss room], and once we arrived we actually had a pretty decent haul. (We also stopped in at the [library] door to get a Disappointment on the way.) After moss harvesting for a few minutes we had 36 clumps in total, which I was confident would leave us enough (or nearly enough) for the bed after we’d splurged 20 of them bribing The Face for answers. And with that, off we headed for [The Face in the Wall].

Walking in the door, I was glad to see nothing had changed; The Face was still there and looking as mildly glum as he did before. He and Monty shared a few more pleasantries… Alright, yeah, we’re glad you’re fine, but let’s get to the point, Easter Island… before we reluctantly handed over the 20 pieces of moss and listened as The Face gave his explanation. The Face’s answer was so nonsensically cryptic that it didn’t help me further my theories a jot, and I had thought it had been a complete waste of resources until I spoke with him again… Monty suddenly had more questions that he wanted to ask! Ah – so I’m guessing I can keep progressing my understanding by asking full sets of questions; helpful.

Thanks, Captain Helpful, that solves everything… 😒

Now (and this is incredibly embarrassing), I realised looking over my notes that I totally forgot to write down the new questions that Monty had and so I can’t share them right now… 😅😅😅 Consummate professional over here. Very helpfully though I did screenshot the costs for the new answers 😒; the first was three golden coins… I think I’m going to need to break my way into the [treasure room] the second is a whopping 100 coal (!), and the last one was seven Disappointments… Can I add one for failing to write down the questions? I’m disappointed in myself. I’ll be sure to update on the questions tomorrow 🤦🏻‍♂️

With the rest of my play time I decided to head back to the mines again and begin some mushroom planting. If it’s on Monty’s mind enough to make it into his diary then it must be worth working at. Monty took the long march up to [the mines] with no complaints, and dutifully plucked and replanted seven purple mushrooms in the fertile soil of the caves. What’s the point in planting mushrooms if I’m only planting the same number that we picked? Do they multiply when they regrow? I hope so.

With the farming jobs done, I had just a few minutes left, so I took Monty on another quick… Hahaha! tour of the caves up there. Together we found a further two dead ends that Monty pointed out could be excavated once we had the mattock, and I logged them in my remembered places to come back to later.

Sassy Monty. I like it.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been keeping Monty company beneath the mountain for a week already, but with seven days under my belt, I definitely still have more questions than answers… Even if I don’t know what they are right now 😅 Thank you to every who’s sticking with me and is continuing to read my playthrough diary – I appreciate much of what’s happening must sounds very mundane, but I hope my ramblings and Monty’s grumpiness are keeping you entertained.

For anyone who hasn’t played the game before, if there’s something that’s caught your attention so far that you’d like me to explore in more detail, please email me or DM me on twitter – I’d be more than happy to poke around and feedback for you! 😊

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