Rainbow Moon

New Rainbow Moon screenshots

So with Rainbow Moon around the corner, it’s time for some new screenshots to be released to whet our whistles and it’s certainly whistling. The screenshots make Rainbow Moon look like one of the best JPRGs of the SNES era, but brought right to the forefront of modern gaming. Let’s hope the game matches the screenshots on it’s release for the PS3.

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Rainbow Moon has gone Gold

Rainbow Moon is ready to be unleashed into the world. For those who do not know, Rainbow Moon is a game which can be downloaded from the PlayStation Network in a few weeks time, is a throw back to J-RPG games of old. Taking inspiration from Final Fantasy and Shining Force Rainbow Moon offers the usual million* hours of gameplay with a wealth of customisable equipment.

*not actually a million, but it’s long
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Rainbow Moon Delayed

Today, the Hong Kong based publisher: eastasiasoft, announced that their up and coming title for the PlayStation 3 would be delayed. Rainbow Moon is the publishers lastest title for the PlayStation 3 and with a storymode that lasts at least 30 hours their focus is on quality rather than patches.

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