iPhone 4S Announced – Samsung Sue!

5 October, 2011 - 6:59 pm by

Apple yesterday announced the iPhone 4S. For some this was expected, others wanted something revolutionary. What this means for the gaming industry though is that through an improved processing unit featuring a duel core CPU and A5 processor (really powerful for a phone), games will be able to be larger, use more memory and be graphically better looking.

Games like Infinity Blade 2 for example will only run iPhone 4S. Why? Well Mike Capps from Epic fielded this question when he showed off the game.

His answer, Why? Because it’s awesome.

As with all of Apples products at the moment someone wants a piece of the pie. Less than 24 hours after the announcement, Samsung want the iPhone 4S banned in France and Italy because they did not as to use the 3G wireless technology found in the product. Every 3G device depends on this technology so it is up to Samsung to play fair and give it at a cut cost. Whilst it’s fair to say Apple didn’t ask, Samsung shouldn’t have ran straight to the courts either.

Now it looks like a last ditch attempt for another company play dirty and force customers onto their product rather than market as well as Apple have. Also, you would think the multi-BILLION dollar deal both companies have to share parts would have settled this along time ago, but obviously not.

Apple’s iPhone 4S (not iPhone 5) is out on 14th October with preorders being accepted from Friday. Infinity Blade 2 will be released 1st November and provided we get a resolve with Samsung, the Galaxy Smartphones will remain on the shelves!

Source: BBC News