PlayStation AllStars Battle Royale first look

7 June, 2012 - 3:11 pm by

Sony have announced the first trailer for their answer to Super Smash Brothers from Nintendo. In true Sony style it features the top characters from their best selling franchises such as Kratos from God of War and Nathan Drake from Uncharted. There are a few surprises as well.

Sly Cooper, the Fat Princess and Parappa The Rappa (oh yes!) will also appear in the Battle Royale. The 2D fighting game appears to compliment Smash Brother’s style very well such as the camera moving in and out depending on how spread out the action is.

However where it is different is that the game will off cross play with the Vita version which was also announced this means that players can fight others who own the game on a different system. It also has the possibility of the Vita being used as a controller.

PlayStation AllStars Battle Royale is due out this year. Expect more information and characters to be announced soon.