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Game: “Heroes of Ruin”

New Heroes of Ruin screenshots

16 January, 2012 by

Oceans and graveyards, neither are things that combine all that well. After all, dead bodies floating around everywhere isn’t a particularly appealing concept. Yet, it’s just this concept that’s one of the driving themes behind SquareEnix’s latest game, Heroes of Ruin. Today SquareEnix released a number of new screenshots of this up and coming Nintendo 3DS title.

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New Heroes of Ruin Screenshots

29 August, 2011 by

Heroes of Ruin is one of the latest titles to be hitting the Nintendo 3DS at some point in the near future. As it’s being developed by Square Enix, we fully expect this four way adventure game to be full of Japaense goodness and to look impressive. So far so good as Square released some new screenshots today showing off what the game’s looking like:

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Heroes of Ruin Details Announced

9 June, 2011 by

Square Enix have confirmed that they will be releasing Heroes of Ruin for the Nintendo 3DS in the near future. The story of the game is indepth and the title will boast a whole load of new features that are available on the 3Ds, such as using the 3D to the best effect, personalised and unique characters, use the 3DS microphone to chat in real time to your friends and get achievements sent daily to you.

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Hero’s of Ruin Announced by Square Enix

31 May, 2011 by

Square Enix today announced that they will be bringing a brand new adventure to the Nintendo 3DS. Heroes of Ruin gets four unlikely heroes and packs them together to form a powerful and fearsome alliance. Using all of the new features that the Nintendo 3DS has as well as support for online play and a wealth of social gaming features, gamers will be able to experience new ways to play Heroes of Ruin day by day.

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