A Memoir Blue From Annapurna Interactive To Release 24th March

25 January, 2022 - 9:26 am by
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A Memoir Blue from developers Cloisters Interactive has been given a March release date on all consoles and PC, publishers Annapurna have announced. Accompanying the news about the game’s release is a new trailer showing off what this interactive poem/puzzler is all about.

A Memoir Blue tells the tale of athlete Miriam who is on a journey to reconnect with her mother by taking a trip through her memories. The game combines hand-drawn and 3D art to bring this magical-realist journey to life, blending sacrifice and heartbreak with victory and pride as Miriam tries to re-establish the connection and love she shares with her mother.

From the information we can see in the trailer and the screenshots below, A Memoir Blue certainly looks beautifully crafted. The 3D older-Miriam exploring her cartoonish, childlike memories is drawing us in, and we want to find out how the story plays out.

Luckily, there’s not long to wait as A Memoir Blue will be released on 24th March across PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 & PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One & Xbox Games Pass.

From Cloisters Interactive, A Memoir Blue is an interactive poem
about a superstar athlete and the all-encompassing love between
mother and daughter.
A unique aesthetic combining hand-drawn and 3D art brings
Miriam’s magical-realist journey to life, as she swims into the depths
of her memories. A series of gameplay vignettes blends sacrifice
and heartbreak with victory and pride as she reconnects with her
inner child and deepens the love she shares with her mother.
• Dive into Miriam’s life: Step into her mind and experience her
uncovered memories.
• Travel through fantastic environments with elegant, unexpected
puzzles in an immersive dreamlike world.
• Enjoy unique surrealistic storytelling and dramatic cinematic scenes.
• Experience a visual feast of light, color, and movement.