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AfterZoom Screens and Information

25 April, 2011 - 2:17 pm by
About 1 mins to read

AfterZoom is a new exclusive game from the DSiware store. It is an Virtual Augmented game that takes place in a Lab with  3 main game modes, The Microscope, the Sample Bank and the Chemical Lab. The Microscope is useful to search for organisms and other elements on the player’s surroundings, which may be found in different places and at different zoom levels.

The organisms are then collected and stored in the Sample Bank. Here, one can also feed them so they are healthy. The healthier they are, the faster they’ll grow and the less one will have to check on them. The elements found with the Microscope are stored in the Chemical Lab, which is also where one mixes up new elements for the colonies, based on actual chemistry formulas.

Before the organisms cant be stored, it is necessary to weaken them using other organisms from the Sample Bank in short battle. AfterZoom is a work of fantasy that has real biology and chemistry elements as another main feature. The game is nearly completed and will be due for release soon.