Agarest: Generations Of War 2 Announced

9 December, 2011 - 2:52 pm by
About 1 mins to read

If you cast your minds back, we reviewed Agarest: Generations of War Zero which can be found here. Well, Ghostlight studios have today announced the third title in the series, which is actually the second title in the franchise. Agarest: Generations Of War 2 has been officially announced for the PlayStation 3, and we have a few improvements that the game will bring to the table.

This time around, there have been a few changes, PlayStation Move will be used for minigames and the RPG will be fully open world, getting rid of the structured moves from place to place. The Active grid battles have also been revamped to bring a more immersive experience. The game is due in 2012 on PlayStation 3. Whisperings are also rife with a collectors edition being readied for release but no word on what this will contain has been released.

Stay Tuned for more information as we get it!