And The Final Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Is…

5 October, 2021 - 3:06 pm by
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Nintendo have announced the last fighter joining Super Smash Bros Ultimate as the one and only Sora from Kingdom Hearts! This character marks the end of the second fighter pass DLC as well as the journey of the game since it’s arrival in December 2018.

Sora’s been one of the most requested characters to be added into Smash Bros since the Wii U/3DS DLC vote and joins as the 89th fighter. Getting permission to use Sora required Nintendo to approach both Square Enix & Disney and he’ll be coming to the game with the next update on 19th October 2021.

He brings his traditional Keyblade to battle as well as a high reaching jump. He’s pretty light so bare that in mind as Sora will be flying off in all directions as the battles wear on and his move set is a slow and powerful setup.

Sora’s Player 1 appearance is based on the original Kingdom Hearts, P2 takes his look to KH 2, P3 is based on Dream Drop Distance while P4 will have a Kingdom Hearts 3 feel. A Player 5 costume sees a style based on the classic black and white Disney style.

As is tradition with new fighters, Sora will get his own stage- Hollow Bastion, based on the first Kingdom Hearts game. As the platform revolves around the tower, you’ll be able to take in some of the Bastion’s sights. When time or stock gets low, the stage will transform into the world known as Dive Into Hearts where beautiful murals of characters will appear. 9 tracks from across the series will also be added to the game and if you have save data from Melody of Music on the system, you’ll unlock an additional track.

Along with Sora we have some Paid DLC Mii Fighter costumes. Each will be £0.70 and will release on 19th October 2021:

  • Octoling – Splatoon (Wig)
  • Judd – Splatoon (Hat)
  • Doom Slayer – Doom (gunner)

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is available for Nintendo Switch and Sora will join the battle on 19th October 2021.