Arcade Side Scroller Clockwork Aquario Comes To Switch & PS4

29 November, 2021 - 11:29 am by
About 2 mins to read

Clockwork Aquario from developer studio Westone (Wonder Boy series) is a 2D arcade beat ’em up was thought to be lost is getting a release on consoles after nearly three decades in the void. The colourful, 2-player action game is being published by arcade spealists ININ Games and will release on 30th November for us in Europe and on 14th December in the North American markets.

Playing as either Huck Londo, Elle Moon, or as was the tradition in 1990s brawlers, a giant robot named Gush, the aim of Clockwork Aquario is to battle through gorgeous colourful worlds to rack up the highest score possible, either alone or with a friend.

Development of Clockwork Aquario began back in 1992 and although it was completed, the developers Westone decided to scrap the game due to the decline in arcades and specifically, 2D brawlers. But with a resurgence of the genre with games like Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Streets of Rage 4 doing the business in recent years, ININ games thought it time to resurrect the game.

Along with the digital release, the folks over at Strictly Limited Games will be publishing a limited run of physical copies, ensuring that if the game is ever delisted, copies of the game will survive.

Clockwork Aquario releases on Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4 on 30th November in Europe and 14th December in North America.