Capcom Opens Themed Restaurant in Japan

26 January, 2012 - 5:38 pm by
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Noted video game publisher Capcom today opened its very first restaurant.¬†As announced on the Capcom Unity Blog, next time you’re wandering through Tokyo’s busy Shinjuku district and feel a touch peckish, why not stop in at the Capcom Bar, which welcomed its first customers today.

The new eatery serves up all manner of Capcom-themed treats, including a mouth-watering brain-shaped Resident Evil dessert, Phoenix Wright onion rings or a distinctly revolting-looking mock Monster Hunter drumstick.

Those watching their figure might like to opt for a dish of Resi herbs or ‘Tofu Mode’ – a slab of fermented bean curd offering a sly nod to Resident Evil 2’s popular secret character.

The venue also offers demo kiosks so you can check out the latest Capcom titles while you fill up.