Codemasters Confirms User Data Stolen

12 June, 2011 - 2:22 pm by

Codemasters have confirmed that on the 3rd June 2011, their official website underwent a sustained attack from crackers currently unknown. Codemasters, the UK’s largest games publisher, have advised that personal details have been stolen, such as names, ages, dates of birth and contact information. Fortuantely no credit card information or other financial details have been stolen in the attack.

Codemasters sent an e-mail to all registered members of their site on Friday advising that there have been problems with their website and to be wary of anyone trying to contact them over the next few days. The week delay in advising their uses has been attributed to understanding and learning the precise nature of the attack and to what extent users details had been stolen.

Currently their official website redirects to their Facebook page whilst they continue to investigate where the flaw in their security was.

At the time of writing, no cracking, hacking or other group have claimed responsibility for this latest round of hacking.